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Desktop is tested each year with over 6000 returns per office to guarantee functionality and efficiency.  Our Tax Software is free for the first year, no additional years required. Gain automatic bank approval and earn revenue back from each personal tax return funded. Get a promo code today to start your first year free.

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Features & Benefits

  • 100% integrated with 1040 and other forms
  • Management Dashboard
  • Real-time Remote Office Management
  • Work-In-Progress Screen
  • Point-and-Shoot Error Correction™
  • Forms-based Input
  • Form based or interview
  • Built-in Estimator
  • No-hold return transmission to IRS via Modernized E-File
  • Zero-downtime Software Updates
  • Customizable Reports
  • Bank Integration
  • Exclusive TextLink™ Technology
  • Remote Signature Capture
  • Permissions Based Administration
  • States Included
  • Cities Included
  • Federal and State Business Solution add-on
  • Scan & Store
  • 2D Barcode Scanning
  • Secure Offsite Storage (S.O.S.)

+ The Best Incentive Plan in the Industry

Tax Shield Incentive Plan

  • Save Per Funded Bank Product
  • Collect Bank Approval Revenue
  • Receive Cadr+ Medical Commissions
  • Receive Protection Plus Commissions
  • Receive Audit Assist Commissions
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