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Imagine lying on the beach completing or amending a tax return. Our Tax Software is free for the first year, no additional years required. Gain automatic bank approval and earn revenue back from each personal tax return funded. Get a promo code today to start your first year free.

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Features & Benefits

  • No installation, no configuration, and no networking necessary.

  • Web reporting and Web check printing
  • Review and submit returns for your preparers if you choose
  • 100% accessible 1040
  • Any computer with internet access will work, that’s right it’s iPad compatible

  • Save your work to the cloud
  • IRS due diligence safeguards,  IRS Audit Assistance for your clients
  • Set up preparers with different logins for security controls
  • Form based or interview mode. Anyone that can read will be able to successfully complete tax returns

  • Switch from English to Spanish with one click
  • Integrated paperless solution. You can scan documents into the tax return

  • Remote signature capture

+ The Best Incentive Plan in the Industry

Tax Shield Incentive Plan

  • Save Per Funded Bank Product
  • Collect Bank Approval Revenue
  • Receive Cadr+ Medical Commissions
  • Receive Protection Plus Commissions
  • Receive Audit Assist Commissions
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